When Old Furniture Fails To Materialise, Buy In

I have been helping out at a heritage property near me.  It’s one of the most well known in this area – being in a set of several within a very small 5 mile patch.  They’re all connected in some way with the English civil war and were handed over to the friends and patrons of the conquering leaders.   Much of the furniture and effects of eahFamily against family all over great britain – though down the central spine and more particularly in the midlands area, the civil war houses and tragedies loom large to this day.  The furniture in many of these house is probably not the original.  In those troubled times, many a house load of furniture and effects were confiscated and bandied around the gloating victors.  It ispossible through to find really good pieces of very old furniture that has been cared for and slightly less old but beautifully aged and preserved with new upscaling decor.