When Heritage Says Antique – They Do Mean Anitique

When we come to furnish our first home, it can often be a case of taking whatever relatives and pals have going for free – things they have cherished and used for years.  We don’t often look at them and see the antique potential.  I used to scoff at my grandparents’ clumping old brown wood furniture – dreading having to have that in any house of mine.  Well of course, when I starting renting flats from landlords, they would fill them with any old stuff and I had to lump it!  Now though when I furnish my home, I pick modern, very pale, very streamlined furniture to suit the decor.  These lovely danish pieces will be antiques in their own right one day – but in the meantime I revel in the joy of being able to look round heritage properties with their fabulous wealth of antiques and luxury bed linen brands such as Victoria Linen.  The real McCoy! Read more at https://www.victorialinen.co.uk/