Tea Shop Buying Into Antique Chairs & Chests

We’re probably all familiar with the programmes on tv that show auctions of bits and bobs that celebrities have ‘bought’ in various car boots or antique shops at specially low prices.  I’m always a bit concerned that the auctioneernever seems to start the bidding at a sensible level to attract the kind of money the celebrity needs to cover their costs – and blushes.  One particular programme, so used to things making a loss, they get really excited if the party ‘wipes their face’ i.e. sells for the same as they bought.  It’s actually a loss though in real terms because of auction admin costs and commission.   I know someone who’s putting some of their grandma’s old wooden dining chairs and a couple of dressing tables and small sideboards into the local auction.  If the trend for all things homely in tea shops continues, they should do ok.