Taking Antiquity For Granted Needs A Shake Up

The thing about having been born and living in this country is our inbuilt pride at our antiquity and heritage.  We don’t appreciate the old church down in the village, or the museum in the town presenting a record of how the industrial side of life began and prospered.  We certainly don’t often come across evidence of what our bit of the country was like a few thousand years ago.  That’s the sort of thing geeks look for at the Natural Science Museum or the British Museum.  Having come back from a very massive Texan city, I can say now how proud I am of knowing the villages near me all have very old 13th & 15th  Century churches and other old places.  They also house many seriously old artefacts too, oak chests, wooden trestles and wardrobes or cabinets.  I shall never again take this  for granted – having attended a social heritage museum on holiday, where the oldest building was from 1823!