Taking a Chance On A Listed Buy

There was a time when the only folk able to buy and live in an ancient antique filled home were the upper classes.  Or those in the middle section who took a risk, and sometimes won, but very often did not!  The buying of any property is an exciting but nerve shredding time – buying into history is quite another ball game.   The age of the property will make a huge difference to the build type and how easy it’s going to be to get a mortgage on it.  There are some trading times around the world when buying ancient is not as popular amongst the lenders as it might otherwise be.    Mortgage lenders want to know that their funds will be safely making money once they hand it to you, you hand it over for the cutsie little chocolate box cottage.  Very often the properties are listede, which causes a whole heap of conditions regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the home.  A ‘listed’ owner has to be very careful not to carry out any structural alterations without getting the ok from the local planning officer.  The onus is always on the owner of the place to ensure they meet every criteria.  But once every hoop has been sailed through, every i dotted and t crossed, and the wind in favourable position . . .  living in a gorgeous old cottage will be fantastic and worth all the aggrevation !