Sourcing Replacement Antiques Now Easier

I was visiting a local heritage property the other week.  We had the joy of touring parts not usually open to the public, including the family chapel and other rooms used for the current generation.  What was most interesting was it being housed in the oldest area – the original monastery on that site.  The cloister roof was unmistakably medievil and it felt remarkably calming and restful.  The wooden furniture was newer – definitely not the original oak testers or kneelers but still of quite impressive age.  It turned out that after a fire in the last century much of the seriously old furniture had been destroyed so the owners had scoured the country for the nearest style and age of replacements.  There were not the reclaimation yards or online auction sites back then and they had to trust their agent to find the appropriate goods.  We are so lucky these days to be able to source exactly what we seek in the way of antiques and old furniture – whatever it is, there will be someone able to supply it.