Online Opulence Of Titanic Proportion

It’s well over a century since the greatest peacetime maritime disaster the world has ever experienced.  Titanic . . . it’s a name known the world over.  One ship – at the time of design and build,  the most advanced, biggest, hopefully most profitable etc.  The fascination with the tragic events of 14/15 April 2012 never quite goes away and I watched a series only recently that outlined as much information as has ever been found.  The episodes detailing the sumptuous features of the decor and fitments in the first class accommodation was truly mind boggling.  The beautiful furniture in the lounges and stairways with stained glass panels.  The ballroom was huge and opulent.  What also caught my eye was the incredible amount of dinnerware – looked like a well known maker had supplied the entire lot.  There were tables and chairs that would be antique now and we were introduced to a chap who had built his own version of the ship’s first class quarters – in a large outhouse at home.  All the items he selected from an online site specialising in that era of decor and antique furniture.