One Man’s Work Table Is Another Man’s Antique

I was helping out at a local country house that opens to the public two or three times a week.  The house is no longer lived in and reverted to a fund raising trust some years ago on the demise of the last remaining family owner.  there is some antique furnishing in the house, but not all in the main rooms above stairs.  Items have been repaired and remodelled, for example in the butler’s pantry below stairs, the work tables have been brought up to safety levels but not refurbished so they look new.  the whole idea is to leave them in the state they were discovered after many years of abandonment.  The word antique does rather seem out of place in the servants’ quarters, but as these items were the most used for centuries and have not been updated, they qualify more than the furnishings above stairs that have been changed and updated in the last century.