Generations Of Wise Furniture Buys Pays Off

I have just got back from caring for someone else’s house for a couple of weeks.  It’s quite good fun to do this especially as in this case, the house is very old.  The furniture in it isn’t quite the same era but by the look and feel of the fabulous wooden chests and cabinets, we’re only a couple of centuries adrift I think!  Coming from the kind of family that only ever had modern furniture or from the 1950s at the latest, being surrounded by real wood, old grained oak wardrobes and tables is quite a wonderous thing.  The generations of folk who have lived there over the last 480 years will not have thought at all about future generations thanking them and looking back gratefully to their wisdom in buying and caring for these incredible old pieces.   You can obtain antique furniture via very specialist online sites.  Great care needed to avoid the sharks out there though!