Easter Opening Bonanza For Heritage Houses

There is something really magical about visiting a heritage house at the beginning of their season.  Most times this will be just before the Easter holidays.  The house will have een cleaned and carpets, rugs, sofas and soft furnishings given a resotrative going over.  Picture frames have been dusted and wiped down.  The window blinds, so esential for keeping the asset fading light out, are gingerly opened.  Just enough for the paying punter to be able to see some of the room, but not so much as to cause damage.   The light, especially harsh sunlihght, has a devastating effect on old window hangings and embroidery.  Tapestries hanging in halls need to be carefully conserved and it’s very difficult to see them without a certain amount of light.  Of course, the original benefactor will not have had an inkling of the problem they were creating when they hung their very much prized art work!