Distressing Furniture Tactics Fading Out

I did wonder if the trend for shabby chic painted wooden items had passed on now.  There have been some very odd examples of the craft on sale in second hand shops and emporiums dedicated to the sourcing and provision of antique items.  There is much cheating that goes on too of course.  This is nothing new of course.  Folk have endeavoured to make furniture and books, correspondence and paintings look much older by the careful application of weak tea for aging.  The newer habit of painting something then half stripping it to make a very disressed finish  bothers me.  I struggle to find anything attractive about taking a perfectly functioning wooden cabinet and distressing it to the point where is looks like it’s on its last legs.  However, folk do like these items when done tastefully and in keeping with other genuinely old artefacts already in place.  It’s horses for courses I guess.