Country Antique Fair & Garden Centre In One

I was down in the west country a weekend or so ago – visiting a fantastic garden and home centre.  My goodness it was diverse in the goods displayed and sold there.    I have to say I have never been in such a beautifully laid out and decorated store – there were ‘rooms’ everywhere for cookware, bathroom products, an art gallery with real pictures and an amazing pre Christmas chocolate hall.  There were many many other themes, current products, not just antiques too and it took three hours or more just to wander round the main part.  The food hall was incredible – everything was laid out on beautiful antique furniture.  All the books on display were arranged on the right sized book cases and these stood near dressers that held the crockery being sold.  Everything was immaculately designed with really fabulous antique chests, dressers, tables and chairs and all of these items were on sale too.  The prices didn’t seem too alarming and it was incredible to think you  could actually furnish your entire house from the amply proportioned set ups.  I saw a terrific bedroom sized chair which I so wanted, but there were many crowding around  so that sale was not going to be mine!