Christmas Gatherings Call For Change Round

So many folk turning up at a family gather can be a bit of a nightmare for the hostess and her spouse.  Back in the summer when the idea of a family house party was proffered, it must have seemed like the ideal solution to the ever raging question – how do we all meet up with each other when we’re so separate through the year . . . . .  Now that one branch of the family has got a bigger house in the country – well this was the best idea this century.  As we approached November, lists of things to be made and donated to the food store were issued in good time.   The house was decorated with an incredible festoon of finery from early December – so as not to spook the two dogs. . .  likely story!  The decor and furniture was adjusted to suit each set of family guests.  Extra beds here, more clothes space there.  The age of the property made it all feel truly wonderful.  The best ever!