Checking Authenticity Of Named Makes Is Vital

I was watching the tail end of a daytime tv show, the one where folk take stuff to be valued before deciding whether to put them in the auction.  Or Not.   Amongst the variety of oddball pictures and other junk I heard mention of danish and scandinavian elegance – referring to a dining room set of table and its matched four chairs.   My head spun round so fast it nearly came off its axis!   The genuine article is very difficult to find.   It was wonderful to see and hear the expert really enjoying himself looking for the signs of authenticity.  Certain labels on the underside that are stlll attached – not a reproduction set with suspicious markings.   The chair cushions had had a slightly greater degree of battering but considering they were well over 50 years old and had been in constant use since first purchase, well that’s a lot of bums on seats!  The family decided to keep their set as it was worth a great deal more than they’d anticipated.  They suddenly saw it in a highly pleasing new light!  The point raised by the specialist was to buy from reputable dealers, whether online or in person.