Artisan Restorer Top Notch Junk Convertor

It’s fun watching those programmes that come under the heading ‘livestyle’, there’s even a channel specifically for this genre.   One of the more bizarre is about making a fist of money for nothing . . . .  Yes, it does sound too good, and it is.  The hostess is a bright young thing with an extremely plumby voice who visits tidy tips, looking for people turning up with interesting car loads of junk such as sturdy old dressers, chairs, filing cabinets etc.  She has permission (for the programme only) to intevene and drag items of interest from their grasp.   She then decides who, in her list of artisan friends will be best to turn the beast into something modern and saleable.  They’re usually very odd folk anyway and the end results are often awful.  The idea is for the hostess to pay an agreed fee to the artisan for their work – she then sells to anyone she can persuade to part with cash – often little boutique hotels and country house spas.  So the original owner gets the profit.  Sometimes they get a few hundred but very often, although the object does sell for huge sums, the artisan costs are also massive, so the profit is much less.  But still better than a poke in the eye for the original owner, who after all, was going to ditch the item in the first place!