Antiques Can Mean Different Things

I do love a good magazine – and the ones about homes, modern, old, established, country piles – you name it, there will be a magazine dedicated to it.   The articles about looking for antiques and the care of them when you find them;  these are fascinating and give an insight into how much money is needed to get your first piece of furniture worthy of the title ‘antique’.   It’s a shame that so much older brown wood furniture has been discarded, burnt on bonfies, remodelled into shed fillers etc.   With a little thought, it is possible to decorate a room and furnish it with pieces you like, when they’re nowhere near antique.  Sometimes the pretentions of life are not worth chasing, but getting the look you desire is much more achievable if the goal is less crowded.  I like smooth danish designs.  These pieces from the 1960s are so collectable, they ae the modern day antiques.