Antique Furniture Holds Out Through Wedding Fun

I was cleaning up after a wedding in a historic house the other day – boy the wedding party had been a rather raucous affair by all accounts and the house was showing huge amounts of evidence of this.  Making sure every bit of floral decor was off the antique tables and floors . . .   Brushing down the stair carpet after several boisterous groomsmen had tried to give the groom the bumps whilst coming down at midnight.  The pictures didn’t suffer at all, nor reallydid the antiques, but they could have done.   Usually the parties finish around midnight so the weighing and housekeeping staff are able to get started on clearing the major rooms ready for visiting members and public next day without there being any cross over or awkwardness.  The furiture usually just needs a sweep with a feather duster and the industrial vac sounded active.    The bride & groom are  housed in a small hotel nearby, as are the main parental guests.  This is not just a sales pitch in the price, it is essential to make sure they all come back on the Sunday to retrieve their belongings – unfortunately early for some of them! We volunteer helpers on Sunday were greeted with scenes of overhung guests and groom milling about trying to remember everything they had to clear out by 10.30 , , ,