Ads for Domestic Staff Still Publicised

I subscribe to some lovely magazines, one is more of a social headliner, aimed at the more affluent section of the female community.  It’s been going as an independent for almost 200 years and is the publication to have if one employs staff of any kind.  I just love looking in the classified ads at the back of the magazine.  All sorts of tempting positions are available – housekeeper, couple to run housekeeping, gardening and chauffering.  I was amazed at the fantastic salaries that are quoted – admittedly most in those ads placed by recruitment agencies.    Gone are the one liners – lovely sunny room over garage available for the right lady – who has to be a gromm, jockey, jumper, mucker outer and general dogs body around the home of usually a very genteel old biddy.  Some of the salaries are indeed eye watering.  up around mid £30K, most applicants need to speak an additional language or two, all have to drive and most of those would be expected to provide their own car now.   That’s rather a shame as one regular feature on ads was “car provided as is horse box” !