How to Paint Old Wooden Furniture

Painting wooden furniture is an approach to give new life to a more seasoned seat or other household item. The procedure itself is moderately basic, requiring only a couple of fundamental instruments and supplies. Precisely sand the furniture and repair any flaws in it, at that point take as much time as necessary applying a few thin layers of groundwork and paint. You’ll soon have a wonderfully recharged bit of furniture.

  1. Prepare the region for the depiction venture. Place drop materials on the floor, and open any windows and ways to permit a lot of ventilation into the territory. Position the furniture on the materials. Put on a face cover and gloves before starting the undertaking to ensure your skin and lungs.
  2. Remove any fundamental equipment from the furniture. More often than not, any handles, pulls, or other equipment can just be unscrewed. Evacuating the equipment before you paint enables you to equitably paint the entire wooden surface, and shields the equipment from dribbles of paint.
  3. Patch any chipped, holed, or set surfaces with wood filler. Apply the majority of the wood filler to the harmed some portion of the wood, not to the undamaged wood. There can be some cover, since you’ll sand it down later. Utilize the putty blade to rub away abundance wood filler and enable it to dry.
  4. Sand the surface of the furniture. In the event that you have a huge household item, spare yourself time and exertion by utilizing an orbital sander. Edges, grooves, and some other niches and corners can be done off with a little sanding piece, or just sanded by hand.
  5. Remove any deposit left in the wake of sanding the furniture surface. Wipe delicately with a spotless attach fabric to expel the deposit and leave the perfect surface. On the off chance that important, utilize marginally moist material, at that point wipe the wood surface dry with another.